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Techbroker Recruitment is widely recognised as one of the industry’s fastest growing fintech/technology recruitment businesses. With 1 team members, we have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all our clients and candidates. Our success is a result of our commitment to work with the best in market, in addition to consistently delivering results to both our clients and candidates alike.



Techbroker Recruitment is a London based Global Technology Recruitment business founded in 2020. Techbroker Recruitment is an experienced, high-performance team, with exceptional aims and standards. Our objective is to be the 'go to' provider of tech talent within the recruitment industry.  We specialise in offering remote, short/long term fixed contracts and full time job placements to our clients from around the world.


At Techbroker Recruitment our purpose is to provide you with a seamless recruitment service. We are dedicated IT recruitment specialists who work with business clients and IT Techie’s to get it right first time. 


We connect the brightest and most talented technologists/executives who are hard to reach and commonly not active, direct to some of the worlds most recognised, emerging, and innovative tech driven companies. It is a challenging time in the world at present and it’s important your IT specifications are met. Time is of the essence. Technologists like to be challenged and seek professional development. We source the IT Techie’s, to support and expand your business needs.


Our technology market is global. We focus on attention to detail. Our rule at Techbroker Recruitment is quality over quantity. Ethical recruitment being at the heart of everything we do, passion first and doing things the ‘right way’, meeting clients and managing candidate’s expectations. No time wasting. Techbroker Recruitment is a 24/7 global available service.

Techbroker Recruitment operates in the following Sectors:

FinTech (Buyside/Sellside), Cyber Security, Data Management & Analytics, Gaming, Online Gambling, Digital & Entertainment, Telecommunications & Networking, Education Technology, Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing, Social Network, E commerce & Market Place and lastly Health Technology. Yep you can tell we love what we do!


Techbroker Recruitment is selective and qualitative, we generate top talent for our clients. We simplify the recruitment process.



At Techbroker Recruitment we are committed to identifying, attracting, and cultivating top calibre IT talent. Resourcing and locating specialist technologists is our mission. We build relationships and ensure that companies have access to the best IT Techie’s in the world, from Board, C Level, Director, VP, AVP all the way to Associate.

At Techbroker Recruitment we headhunt to your requirements. We locate and source specialist market leading technologists. We are professionally discrete in our partnerships.



  • Sourcing the top 2% of IT professionals

  • We only work with non active candidates

  • Expert industry market analysis

  • Attention to detail

  • Efficient recruitment services

  • Excellent working relationships

  • Genuine enthusiasm and passion for what we do

We invite you to contact one of our team members today. They are committed to providing you, our clients, with an experience focused on what you value most.

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